About Our Firm

>> Hilltop Advisors has
launched new or
expanded service
offerings for:

-Default Loan Servicing
-Foreclosure Review
-Loss Mit assessment
-Real Estate Consulting
-ALLL assessments
-Litigation Support
-Compliance Audits
-Fraud & Forensics
-Commercial Loans
-Independent Loan  

>>  Hilltop's Fraud
practice wins major
engagements in
banking, trading and
government contractor

>>  Speaker, Mortgage
Bankers Association
Underwriting and
Quality Assurance
"Prevention, Detection
and Mitigation of Fraud
Risk", September, 2010

>>  Our government
contractor affiliate -
HGS has secured
several  subcontractor
roles with large
accounting and
consulting firms.  
Click here to connect
to our HGS website.

>>  Hilltop provides
training services - Jeff
Oliver, CEO is now a
Finance / Accounting
Professor for
Georgetown University,
continues to be an
instructor for the MBA
School of
Mortgage Banking, and
is involved in various
other training activities.

>> Numbers LLC
continues to provide
full service accounting,
tax, payroll and other
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to our Numbers
The Firm
Hilltop Advisors, LLC is an accounting advisory and consulting firm dedicated to providing finance,
accounting and consulting services to the Financial Services and Real Estate industries.  Our specialty
is working with all aspects of the lending, loan servicing and capital markets securitizations.  Founded
by Jeff Oliver (former KPMG National Lending & Securitization Practice Leader), Hilltop Advisors is
celebrating its 5th year of operations.

Our Senior Team
Hilltop's Senior Team has more experience on industry topics than most large firms.  We can provide
implementable solutions because of our hands-on experience in working through our clients' past
issues.  Our Senior Team have been CFOs, Controllers, Business Strategists, Operations managers,
Senior Audit Partners, and Large Consulting firm MDs.  This Senior Team averages 30 years of
individual experience.  Hilltop Advisors continues to grow into several new areas.  We have added two
Managing Directors and formed a business venture with a commercial real estate leasing, sales and
property management firm to deliver expanded fraud, loan servicing and real estate consulting
 Click here to see the summary of our Senior Team's resumes.

Why you should contact Hilltop Advisors?  
If your company is addressing any of the following aspects of your business, then contact us to discuss
how we can be of assistance.  

  • Is your Company handling the new rigor of regulatory compliance audits?  Are you concerned
    about the implementation of the Dodd Frank bill and its impact on compliance?

  • Are your loss mitigation strategies working given the cost to execute?  Are you looking to
    improve the payback?

  • Are your foreclosure policies, documentation, and practices synchronized?

  • Is your Company or investor group looking to invest in a bank, mortgage business, loan servicer,
    or other financial services entity?  M&A assistance is a major part of our business.

  • Fair value accounting issues? Valuation concerns?  Impairment assessment issues?

  • Dealing with other accounting issues (SOP 03-3, consolidation, ALLL, etc)?

  • Are there particular risk management issues that may require assessment and benchmarking
    against other companies?  

  • Operational changes or enhancements needed?  Are your performance metrics, especially
    costs meeting or beating expectations/peers? Are you creating/changing your business strategy?

  • Concerns about fraud or unusual activities - are your fraud controls working to prevent,
    detect and mitigate such improprieties?

  • Is your Company involved in litigation that may require support by an industry expert, an
    auditor or accountant familiar with the topic, or simply need qualified personnel to assist
    gathering materials for the attorneys?

  • Is your Company undergoing an accounting restatement? Is there a need to reconstruct all or
    part of your financial statement information?  Our forensic accounting practice had helped
    many companies with both.  

Please contact us today - we look forward to discussing your company's challenges and how we can
assist in overcoming such.